Hurricane Deck, Missouri is an area at Lake of the Ozarks that is more “up the lake”.  Lake traffic will be much quieter compared with the big cruisers in Osage Beach.  There are very upscale areas such as Porter Mill Bend in this area.

Just because it is mellower, there is no shortage of fun and things to do.  Captain Ron’s is right in the heart of Hurricane Deck, MO home of the world famous Shootout event.  

Large and luxurious homes abound with big views.  While some lake properties in this area are affordable, many can fetch over $1 million.  This is partly due to the straight shot commute down from the Kansas City area, and not much if any back roads to your lake house.

If you are interested in buying or selling Hurricane Deck condos, lakefront houses, condominiums, or golf course homes, feel free to reach out and contact Jesse, Your Lake Friend.  We are here to help.


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